Sunday, February 2, 2014

How Do You Handle Adversity in Your Stitching?

Well January went out with a blast here in Alabama...most all of our roads froze over with ice and snow that was not expected to arrive as quickly (and as much) as it did. That caught us all unawares and even some of the school children did not make it home this past Wednesday but spent the night at school with the teachers because their parents could not make it up the icy hills to retrieve them.

I myself had little Brady all to myself on Wednesday...all night...because his mother was stranded at work.

I'm saying all of this...because it was just one of the little 'twists' that sometimes happens to us in life. We can not always plan things out.

So, those of you that have not completed your January block...and there are about 75 of you. Please do not stress...just keep stitching. With some luck, perhaps you will get two blocks done this month...and catch up!

Never worry over being late. Of course, I'd love to post everyone's blocks on time...but, life does happen. I know that there is no blame assigned for being late. Just try your best to catch up.

Remember, the challenge is to you. Don't give up...keep going. Happy stitching!


Paquita R., France

Pauline F., Australia