Badges for Your Blog

Here are three badges for your blog. Directions for downloading are below.

Each of these images is a photo in jpeg format.

Right click on one of them...and "save as" on your computer. Name the file and put it where you will remember what it is...and where it is. (hugs)

Then go to your own blog on BLOGGER. Look in the upper right corner of your menu bar...and click on "DESIGN". Several options will open up, and you want to select "LAYOUT". Over on the right side (and in other locations too maybe)'ll see "ADD A GADGET". This is the location that the button/badge will go...

Click on Add a Gadget...and several options will open up. Scroll down until and select "IMAGE". A box will open up go Configure the Image. It will contain these items:

Title (you can leave blank)
Caption (you can leave blank)
Link (enter the blog link)
Image (click on From Your Computer) Go to below line and browse to your computer and find the file name that you just saved your image to. (See, I told you to remember WHAT you named it, and WHERE you put it). Select that file.
Click on the "reduce image" button.
Click Save

Save the Layout Changes and View your Blog. The CQJP2014 Badge should now appear in your blog...on the side bar. If it doesn' probably forgot to save your changes. Go back and try again.

The photos are full size. The uploads to your blog should resize them to fit. If it does not, you can use any standard photo editing software (like "Paint" for microsoft users) to resize to fit your blog's specific format.


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