The Crazy Quilt Journal Project is about promoting the art of crazy quilting and expanding the participant’s individual artistic creativity and technical knowledge.

So, the rules for the 2014 CQJP Challenge are simple:

Registration is from 1 October 2013 until 12 December 2013. Links to Participants blogs will be posted to the CQJP2014 website home page at and I hope to complete uploading all the participants names and blog links by the first week of January 2014.

"Blocks" are any shape and can even be a finished item that meets the size requirement.

Construct and complete a crazy quilt block each month (January through December) in 2013 that measures at least equivalent to a 6-inch square block. Blocks can be any shape…and do not have to be square…but must be “equivalent” to a 6” square (i.e  36 square inches, or 225 square cm in size). Blocks can be larger, but not smaller. Block shapes can change throughout the year.

This challenge requires 12 entries. One entry that measures the equivalent of twelve 6 inch blocks is not valid for an entire year effort. It will be treated as a single month entry complying with the "minimum" size of six inches square.

Blocks can include any type fabric(s). Blocks can include as many different fabrics as you desire.

Blocks can include any form of embellishment you desire.

Blocks should challenge your individual skills. Work to expand your artistic views and improve your technical skills.


Photographs should be of high quality…please do not “reduce” your photo size before sending. Please do not use a low quality of resolution when taking the photograph, we will publish what is sent…and cannot “make it better”. We will crop photographs when needed as time permits.

Participants will email photographs for posting on the CQJP2014 Block to
It is helpful to do this monthly...and not let photos "stack up" requiring them to be loaded as a batch. But, sometimes "life happens" and that is understood.

Participants that complete the challenge will have their finished photographs also added to the permanent CQJP Blog for the year the challenge was completed. (CQJP2012, CQJP2013, etc)

Participants are encouraged to also set individual goals so that the work does not get overwhelming, and discouraging.

COMMUNICATION: All participants can comment on the CQJP 2013 Blog photos as they are published. Everyone needs encouragement!

COPYRIGHT: Participants and the general public do not have permission to “retrieve” any photos from the blog as all images are copyrighted by their creator.

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