Do the finished blocks have to be put into a quilt? No, but we hope that they are. The participant can choose to create individual art journal pages with their blocks, instead of the more traditional quilt style display. However, we believe that journal pages would have a more minimal impact on promoting crazy quilting than a consolidated project might. "Blocks" can also be made into a small project...like a purse, book cover, etc.

Can we see other participant’s blogs? Yes, although it not necessary to have an individual blog to register for the Challenge. The Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2014 blog will include a list of all participants in the sidebar of the blog. The list will be shown as "Participants With Blogs" and "Participants Without Blogs". .

Are the blocks judged each month? No, the blocks are your own challenge. Only you can judge when they are perfect.

What are the guidelines for participating? Everyone must complete a registration and follow the Project Rules.

How do we submit our finished blocks? Blocks are not submitted, only photos of your finished blocks.

Does the CQJP have a website? We did have, but it was cumbersome and costly to maintain. Therefore, we are in the process of moving those permanent entries to a Home blog for CQJP. This blog will house all of the participants work that have COMPLETED within any of the annual challenges. 

What is different about the 2014 Challenge and the 2013 Challenge? Basically, the blog address. Last year's participant photos are at cqjp2013.blogspot.com and this year's entries will be seen at cqjp2014.blogspot.com

The size requirements remains at 6 inches square (or equivalent in a different shape). We are also more flexible in the entries of finished objects each month in lieu of a block...although we are limiting the "finished challenge projects" by doing this. The goal is to inspire and encourage each other to create more crazy quilted projects.

How will my entries be listed? For privacy, we list the participant's first name and the initial of their surname, and the country they live/or were born in (the participants choice). For the United States entries, we also list the state because we have such a large volume of entries from that country.

Do my photos need to be in a specific format or size? The best format is a JPEG file. Sometime, blogger will accept other formats...and sometimes it doesn't. If a file can not be uploaded an email will be sent to ask the participant to re-submit the photo as a JPEG format file. Regarding size...the larger the better. We will post whatever is sent, however we all want to be inspired by how the stitches and motifs are created. The larger the file size, the more detail is shown. We do not have a limit in size of photos submitted, and blogger reduces some photo automatically upon loading.

Can machine embroidery be used? This is not a round robin or a swap so there are no rules on what you use to embellish your blocks. While hand embroidery is most often used, machine embroidery is okay if that is what you wish to do.

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