Friday, March 28, 2014

Editorial Note

When you email me photos to CQJPchallenge now, you'll see "Aidan Lucille" as the name for the email account.

That's my eleven year old grand-daughter. I set her up a Pinterest account and tied it to the CQJP email since she is too young to actually have an email of her own. For some reason, now...her name comes up on the email too. I have no idea how to take it off...and don't want to delete her Pinterest account because she love searching for baby animals and fashion.

Please just know that all is well...and the emails are still coming to me.




Carolynne said...

Hi Kathy i am sooo enjoying the many many blocks each month and although i would love to leave a comment on each one i don't have the time...i would like to challenge everyone to leave at least 5 comments for blocks that have none...i did :)

Vicki Miller said...

sounds like a good idea. I know I am guilty of not commenting, but I certainly look.