Monday, May 12, 2014

Faye C., Australia


Chyfey said...

Hi everyone ,this block is based on a Wagga,its a type of quilt made in Australia.
Made from recycled wool clothing /or tailors wool cloth samples and sacking.Commonly the sacking was old flour bags from the Wagga Wagga flour mill ,which is how they got their name ,or hessan.
The clothing was often deconstructed and some times cut into squares but the ones I found more interesting were the ones that simply layered the clothes onto the sacking and stitched.They were basic functional quilts made during hard times from what ever was available,often with little or no embellishment.
My block is made from a felted old jumper and blanket that I had dyed.I have done some basic embroidery on it and some darning which was often seen on the items of clothing that were used.

Annette said...

thanks for the story behind this doing great xoxo